Join us in our mission to preserve Malta's Artisanal skills! Thanks to Malta Crafts Foundation, we are proud to be working on a unique collection of luxurious handcrafted items crafted from environmentally responsible, locally sourced materials from Gozo Island. Our limited-edition pieces will be perfect for connoisseurs of true quality and exclusivity, with each item providing a unique and lasting experience. You'll be able to indulge in the finest sustainable luxury, exclusively handcrafted for you!

The Malta Crafts Foundation

The organisation was founded to champion and support the ongoing revival, preservation, and long-term sustainability of local artisan skills. Each year, they give recognition to those who excel in craftsmanship, innovation, and their contributions to the sector.

Premju Gieh l-Artigjanat 2023 ceremony

Alda Bugeja crafting a Handwoven Scarf

We are honored to have been nominated for Premju Gieh l-Artigajanat Category 2 - Inspiring Artisanship and Innovation through Collaboration - and humbled to be awarded this opportunity to give back to Malta. As part of our mission to revive artisan work and celebrate the elegance of handcraft in Malta and Gozo, we are proud to stand in recognition of our brand and culture.

Introducing Alda Bugeja

Alda Bugeja is a Malta based master weaver with over four decades of experience! She has been passionate about weaving since the age of five, and growing up, she learned from her mother and grandmother the tools and techniques of this traditional craft. In 2000, Alda was honoured with the National Award for Achievement in Industry, and more recently, she was awarded a European National Diploma for teaching others her intricate weaving and macramé patterns. In 2014, Alda was also recognized as a runner-up for the Premju Gieh L-Artigjanat Malti 2014 Inizzjatttivi Artigjalani , and was honored with the prestigious 2014 Premju Gieh l-Artigjanat Malti for her outstanding contribution to the craft industry titled "Rikonoxximent Ghal-Hidma fl-Artigjanat". Alda treasures the traditional craft and works tirelessly to ensure its preservation.

Master Artisan Alda B. in her workshop

Foot Loom used by Alda to weave fabric

Checkered Patterned Scarf in progress

We are proud to have her expertise on this project as we strive to keep alive the centuries-old craft of weaving and are delighted to announce Alda Bugeja's as one of JOS Designers! This is just one of the many projects we have undertaken in our effort to celebrate local craftsmanship and share our love for it with the world.

JOS Designers

At Jos The Artisan we will proudly start introducing you with present and upcoming talents from the local artisan community with the aim to bring you exclusive handcrafted collections, promoting slow fashion amongst us in Malta and Gozo and beyond.

If you are a Malta or Gozo-based artisan handcrafting unique and beautiful works, join our curated platform and exclusive community of handpicked Artisans for free!

Follow our journey to experience the passion and love that will go into every of our handcrafted pieces at!