In a world where people often feel powerless over decisions about themselves and their environment, fashion can be a powerful tool for self-expression. From inspiring art to shaping culture, fashion can give the power to make choices and drive change.

At Jos the Artisan we find ourselves continuously inspired by the strength and magnificence of the constant changes in life, which come in waves, and we are committed to promoting diversity and actively participating in the transformation of our culture.

We are like waves, and waves come in many shapes and sizes, continuously changing, and evolving, each of them with a unique signature, forever shifting and developing. The uniqueness of each wave is reflected in our fashion, allowing us to commemorate the significant experiences and moments of life by transforming them into stylish and fashionable items. We stay devoted to increasing and embracing the teachings that each new wave brings, and ultimately, when combined, we will come to form a vast ocean.

Audrey Headband

Damara Headband

Thalya Headband

Selena Headband

At our company, sustainability and ethical production are of utmost importance, whilst keeping social consciousness as our core value. Every piece we craft has a story behind it, beginning its journey with our vision which is then passed onto the hands of our dedicated and skillful Artisans, who bring to life handcrafted pieces that are unique and like no other. Above all, we take pride in producing high-quality pieces, rather than mass-producing them, valuing quality over quantity, which is why we emphasize finishing our pieces by hand.

Our mission is “To revive and celebrate the elegance of handcrafted designs, to preserve the beauty of work done by skilled Artisans, who put forth their all into it, and to remember that everyone behind every piece counts”.

Our current designs are tailored for the contemporary woman seeking to feel confident and liberated.  You are not just a body. You are not just a face. You are so much more! It's time to discover your true style and be empowered with fashion accessories that can show your own unique self. Shop small, shop sustainable fashion pieces that have been designed with you in mind. The ripples we make today will soon become waves of endless possibilities.