Why I love scrunchies? They bring so much fun to an outfit, giving it that perfect complete look. Scrunchies can be worn both as hair and wrist accessories, but that is not the only reason why I love them. They are much gentler and do not break like normal hair ties, plus they leave less dent in the hair.

Did you know that scrunchies were very first invented by Philip E Meyers in 1963? However, they did not turn out successful during that time. Later in 1987, Rommy Revson ended up creating the scrunchie whilst looking for a substitute for the metal hair ties. She called it ‘The Scunci’ after her poodle which along time became scrunchie due to its aesthetic nature. The '80s and '90s were the prime time for this hair accessory, and this gives me enough reason to say that with all the contrasting colours and bold styles, I should have belonged to that era! At the beginning of the 2000s, there was an overturn because the scrunchie became a no go. However, we are lucky enough that in the late 2010s the trend was revived.

Photo by Jos The Artisan

What is exciting is the different hair looks one can create, such as high or low bun, ponytails, multi ponytails, half up half down styles, pigtails, space buns and braids. To spice the ingredients up, one can also add some middle or side parting, or bring some locks down. It’s up to the individual which looks to go for, but I was also interested to find out which looks suit me best depending on my face shape. The following are some of the observations I made:

• Rectangle or square – Tips are focused on softening the sharp jaw and drawing attention to the cheekbone. Curly or wavy ponytails can be used for a soft look with a preference for a lower position. One can add a centre parting, wispy bangs, or even some loose waves tucked behind the ear.

• Oval/ Diamond – Oval shape is considered to be limitless and can take any different hairstyle. Although very similar, the diamond shape may have more prominence on the cheekbone and chin area. To soften the look of a diamond forehead it is suggested to add the volume on the crown area by backcombing the top part when wearing a ponytail or buns.

• Heart – For this shape one may want to forward the attention towards the cheek area and opt to tie the hair in a mid-height position with side-swept bangs or side parting. Half up half down hairstyles with loose waves starting from the collarbone would also look cool and the style can be finished off by bringing some locks down from the forehead with a curly edge or an off-centred parting.

• Round – a common suggestion for this shape is to go for a style that visually elongates the face. This effect can be adopted by wearing high buns, ponytails and add anything that increases the volume at the top. The volume can be achieved by backcombing the crown area or going for a deep side part or side-swept bangs or hair tucked behind the ears.

These observations were quite interesting, however, I'm also a believer that one can pull off any style if worn with confidence!