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Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 5 February 2021

This website makes use of cookies to enable a seamless and user oriented experience. Cookies allow us to identify your web browser to provide you with suggestions and results that match your preferences criteria and search history. The acceptance of cookies will help us offer you a more relevant experience that is in line with your interests.

1What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files which transferred by websites or its service provider, and are downloaded and stored to your local storage from your web browser. This allows for online sites to recognize your browser and devices. A more detailed explanation regarding cookies can be found at

2Why does our website use Cookies?

This site uses different types of cookies for different purposes. These can be wrapped up as following:

Must-haves Cookies without these cookies our e-commerce platform will not be able to perform to its intended use. Example those cookies which allow a user to log into his/her account. Related with this are those cookies which allow user friendly browsing and the use of cart and wish list.

Preference based Cookies these will improve the end user experience by remembering the interests of the customers to offer a more individual and easier to use platform.

Advertisement Cookies advertisement featured on our platform will also make use of such cookies, so that the adverts are in line with your interests. Other types of cookies are also used to prevent from showing you the same adverts repetitively.

Third Party Cookies our members are offered the option to share images, store items, blog posts or anything which we allow to be shared on other social networks. Such third-party sites may send a cookie to your device. In this case we highly recommend you to check out the cookie and privacy policy of the third-party.

The aim behind their use is to continuously enhance and improve the end user experience and services. The information obtained from these cookies are necessary for our website operation, maintenance and improvement, as well as enabling us to differentiate the experience between the multiple users.

3Can I manage my Cookie Preferences?

If you’d like to disable cookies, you can do this from your browser or mobile device itself. For instructions, please refer to the support website for your browser and/or mobile operating system. Please note however that by disabling cookies, some of our services and features may not be accessible or functional throughout our platform.

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