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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 5 February 2021

We understand how sensitive your personal data is, and we appreciate that you trust in us to gather, use and process your information in a secure and sensible way. This Privacy Policy contains details regarding how we collect and process your personal information through.

What Personal Information do we gather about Users?

We have a very strict policy when collecting personal information, to make sure that no extra and unused information is stored without the user’s consent. The personal information that we collect about our users allow us to create user profiles, provide user validation and verification in order to minimize the possibility of duplicate and/or untruthful accounts, and continuously improve our platform. Our main sources of information gathering rely on at least one of the following:

Information gathered to complete a purchase order: for a customer to make an online purchase and receive our products, we would need to collect the full name, contact number, billing and delivery address, email address, and all the information required to fulfill a payment, hence this includes credit card details.

Information gathered for an Account: during our registration process we gather and store the minimum required information to provide you with a valid account and ensure that the information being provided is valid. The creation of an account provides the user the opportunity to benefit from the services provided on our website, such as heart lists, carts and blogs sharing. The information requested includes the full name, email address and for the setting up of a Profile, an image.

Automatic Information gathering: when you use our services, we automatically receive information about your use and interaction with our platform. This information allows us to provide you with a better user experience and to continuously improve our platform. Additionally, like many other websites, we make use of Cookies to provide a seamless and user-oriented experience (refer to our Cookie Policy for further information).

How is my Personal Information processed and for what purpose?

We make it a point to handle your personal information with care, and to process it when you visit or make a purchase from this website:

Complete a purchase up to deliverywhen you carry out a purchase through our website, we will use the information to provide you with the invoices, to receive payment and to arrange for the item delivery.

We keep track of your buying and selling activitywhen you complete a purchase, we keep the history of your purchases in order to save the related invoices and give you an option to leave a feedback. This feedback will be saved and is used to ensure customer satisfaction and improvement of the products.

Fraud Prevention and Security Riskswe process your personal information and screen our orders to mitigate and detect any potential risk or fraud.

Saving your most preferred itemswhenever you heart an item or change your heart list or cart preferences, we will process the provided information to offer a more effective and accurate search experience.

Notifications and recommendationswe aim to provide you with alternative options that might be of interest to you in the aim of personalizing the user experience around your preferences. The profile section will cater for an account user’s interests, whereby the user can select the store categories, styles and color of most interest. We may also display ads that are related to your user profile.

We continuously improve our servicesto be able to offer you with a great experience, we generally analyze the performance of our website so that we can fix errors and implement new features for improved user satisfaction.

Is my Personal Information shared?

Your personal information is carefully handled throughout all processes that are undergone in our business. We are not a business that sells, trades or transfers your personal information to other entities and we make sure to provide the necessary measures to limit and/or minimize the sharing of information between our users and Third Party service providers. The points below highlight the instances when your personal information is shared, with who and for what reason:

User Reviews:customers are provided with a Feedback form to rate our items. This step is totally optional and is only aimed to always improve our products and ensure customer satisfaction. Once submitted, the review may be issued publicly and made available to our website visitors and users.

Third Parties:in order to provide some of our features and services we might need to share a limited amount of information with other service providers. The services in mention include Email Dispatch Services (Email Address and First Name), Third Party Advert sand Google Analytics (Collective information from Browser Interactions).

Laws and Regulations:the information may also be shared with the relevant authorities or institutions to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

What security measures are taken to protect my Identity?

We have designed our website in a way that preserves your security and ensure your privacy. By adopting a handful of procedural safeguards and security precautions we wanted to increase the level of safety and protect the end user upon using our services. Some of the key safety approaches include:

Securing of data transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that encrypts the data whilst being transferred through the network.

For the payment process, we adhere to Third Party service providers that are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). When purchasing our products, we do not receive, process or store any credit/debit card data on our systems and your payment details are protected and secured by our Payment Gateway service providers.

You have control over the amount of information that you share with other users on our website. None of your personal data will be shared with account users, except for any blog posts or feedback provided with respect to a purchase. Any sharing of information with third parties shall be mentioned within this Privacy Notice or else must be notified and agreed upon before being shared.

It is also very important to protect your account by safekeeping your login credentials and by signing off your account when using a shared computer. We do provide account recovery in such cases however preventing such occasions will also evade your data from being misused, altered or stolen.

Does our website use Cookies?

Yes, like many other websites, we make use of Cookies to provide a seamless and user-oriented experience. Cookies allow us to identify your web browser so that we can update the results and suggestions to match your preferences criteria and search history, so that your experience is more relevant to your interests (refer to our Cookie Policy for further information).

Do we keep your Personal Information?

We keep a record of all the personal information mentioned and described within this Privacy Policy in order to provide you with a fully-fledged service. Having access to your personal information is required as it allows us to provide you with a better user experience, with a service which is more oriented towards your interests, as well as give you access to review your buying and selling history and activity.

Can I remove my Personal Information?

Yes, we provide the functionality of either Deactivating your account or also permanently deleting your account:

Deactivating my Account:all of your personal information will remain safely stored but inaccessible by other users. This allows you to restore access to your account without losing your buying and selling history, or having to provide and validate your personal information.

Permanently Deleting my Account:all personal information linked directly to your account will be wiped out. This includes your Name, Surname, Contact Details, Profile Image and Biography. A one way encrypted copy of your credentials will however be stored to prevent account abuse from permanently banned users. Please note that by permanently deleting your account you will lose all access and validation of your account settings, preferences, history and reputation. Permanent Deletions can take up to 48 hours to before being processed.

Can I view or change my Personal Information?

You can access all of your personal information, including your messages, recently viewed items, your heart list, your cart, your orders, and your profile information which includes the name, surname, email, photo, address, any blog posts, your interests, and account settings which allow changes in notification and password. You are allowed to modify most of the aforementioned properties from the User profile page within your Dashboard.

If you have any queries or objections as to how we gather and process your personal information, please contact us using our Help Centre so that we can provide you with the necessary guidelines and assistance.

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