We have always dreamt to build a community that is full of aspirations, motivates, and share our experiences along the way. We created this blog space with the intention of connecting with you. We want to share the inspiration behind our creations and the journey they take us through, including some of our most treasured behind the scenes moments!

To introduce ourselves better, our story goes back to 2019; the year which led us towards a new direction. It was a time where we felt demotivated and lost until we realized that if we do not take a leap of faith we would be forever sitting with our unfulfilled dreams. Eventually, this triggered a series of events which led to a career change and the introduction of Jos The Artisan. Looking back to our journey so far, we have come across some challenging moments that have shaped us, motivated us to learn new skills, and pushed us forward towards fulfilling our dreams.

Photo by Jos The Artisan

We consider art as freedom of expression, creativity or imagination, with an intention to deliver messages, transmit feelings, inspire, introduce new perspectives or simply please the eye of the beholder. It can be literally influenced by anything and take any form. We chose the form of wearable accessories stemming from an intrinsic love towards them, fashion fabrics and colours. The concept of Jos The Artisan is to inspire and share meaningful stories through our handmade creations; mainly influenced by life experiences, situations and aspirations giving our creations a purpose that goes beyond their materialistic nature.