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Product Care and Sizing Guide

Care Guide

We handmade our products with great care, love and attention and delicately package each one into a fitting pouch. Our products deserve the same care and affection when it comes to their handling.

We recommend you to use the provided pouch for protection and store it in a safe and dry place. Please remove your product before showering, swimming, entering pools or hot tubs, or doing any cleaning which may involve the use of chemical cleaners. Avoid the use of perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, oils, and any such products that may contain chemicals which may be harmful to the products. Also avoid dropping your handmade jewellery, especially those handcrafted with wire as these may be prone to lose their original shape.

In case you exposed our metal pieces to sea water or any of such liquids, immediately wash them with fresh water and dry them with a lint free cloth. Please note that this applies to all products that include our metal plated branding tags. In case of our fabric pieces, please check out the details in the product specification to guide you for washing.

Sizing Guide

Please refer to the illustration below to help you understand the sizing terms we use for this product type. Contact our customer service with questions if needed using our Help Centre so that we can provide you with the necessary guidelines and assistance.

Flexible Headbands

APuffinessrefers to the headband density from base to fabric

BWidthrefers to the side thickness of the headband base from edge to edge

Green Pink Duet Crystal Mia Hoop Earrings

Say hello to our irresistible pink green mini hoop earrings, designed to add some sparkle to your look! These dainty hoops are adorned with tiny crystals that will catch the light and steal your heart. So comfortable you'll forget to take them off, these earrings are expertly crafted with the most captivating crystal combination, making them both timeless and on-trend. Get ready to fall head over heels for these beauties - they'll quickly become your favourite earrings! Crafted from Austrian lead-free crystals and 18K Gold plated brass wire. Get yourself a genuine Maltese piece and flaunt your local heritage with pride! Designed and Authentically crafted in Malta.

$ 46.80

AvailabilityIn Stock, only 1 Left

earrings 18k plated stainless steel

wire 18k plated brass

length 2.2cm

width 0.5cm

component lead free crystals

colour pink green

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